Music around town

For your impulsive temporal lobe, live music going on all summer

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The Paradise Rock Club is at 967 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston.
Courtesy of John Phelan
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Courtesy of Bradsearles The Royale Boston is located at 279 Tremont Street, Boston.

Students staying on campus this summer should be happy that MIT is next to the lively city of Boston, Mass. and not Ithaca, N.Y. Here are some moderate-size, lower-cost venues that you should visit while you are still immune to p-sets.

Paradise Rock Club has a nice venue right by Boston University off the Green Line. The ’Dise also has a very decent listing throughout the school year.

Brighton Music Hall is the younger sibling of The ’Dise. Tickets can be purchased online in advance or an hour before the show at the venue ­— just in case you decide to go to a show at the last minute.

The Royale Boston is an epic nightclub that also boasts a concert venue. They have a decent listing of bands, like Yeasayer, from the Bowery Presents. Sadly however, tickets get sold out very quickly.

Cafe 939 is a coffee shop right by Berklee College of Music, run by the students of the school. It features Berklee artists and student performances and competitions, which are all free. Local bands and sneaky bigger names, like Zoe Keating, also make appearances.

The Middle East is right down Mass Ave, if you haven’t noticed. This Central Square restaurant and concert hall generally has multiple events each night and occasional free events for both 21+ and 18+ categories.

The following is a nice little selection of shows to keep you occupied (and only semi-broke) for the summer. Ticket prices for these shows start from $10 and never hit $30. Full listings and purchase details are available online. Expand your aural horizons and get your endorphins running both weeknights and weekends this summer.