June 11 Infected Mushroom

Paradise Rock Club

Psytrance act from Israel. Try “Bust A Move” and “Dancing with Kadafi.”

June 12 Cults

Brighton Music Hall

This twee-pop duo from NYC popped up from nowhere and released their first album in May. Very addictive: try “Go Outside” and “Abducted.”

June 13 Architecture in Helsinki

Paradise Rock Club

Amusingly colorful sound and videos.

June 19 People Under the Stairs

Paradise Rock Club

Alternative hip-hop featuring in NYC Governor’s Ball this summer.

June 21 Pomplamoose

Cafe 939

A couple turned indie musical duo from San Francisco. Listen to the Angry Birds theme cover.

June 23 Mishka / The Beautiful Girls (Mat McHugh solo and acoustics)

Brighton Music Hall

Chill and cute blend of reggae, acoustic, dub, and roots.

July 8 Gang Gang Dance

Brighton Music Hall

An epitome of experimental awesomeness from Manhattan. Try “Adult Goth” and “MindKilla.”

July 12 100 Monkeys

Brighton Music Hall

“I will kill you in your sleep, so you better try, try and keep awake,” sung in the most adorable manner.

August 11 The Naked And Famous

Brighton Music Hall

Try “Young Blood.”

August 17 KMFDM

The Royale Boston

Quoting the leader of this German group: “industrial-alternative-electronic-crossover-rock and danceabilly.”

September 8 Two Door Cinema Club

The Royale Boston

This northern Irish alternative rock/electro-pop band debuted an award-winning album in 2010. Try “Cigarettes in the Theater,” “Something Good Can Work,” and “What You Know.”