Maseeh to have binding lottery

Maseeh to have binding lottery

Students moving into Maseeh Hall next term will not be able to enter the re-adjustment lottery. Maseeh Hall is an RBA dorm, and like McCormick, students who place in Maseeh in the summer lottery will have to live in that dorm. Virginia L. Nicholson ’12, Phoenix Group president, confirms that Maseeh will still participate in REX, but students will not have the option to move into Maseeh in the re-adjustment lottery — which about a third of incoming freshmen enter. The dorm will still hold events open to the entire campus.

“To secure RBA and to create a strong stable community from the day the dorm opens its doors, the Housemasters agreed that selection of Maseeh would be binding,” Nicholson said

Although the decision for this coming fall is set, Maseeh’s binding RBA status will be reviewed to see if that will be changed in the future.

“Whatever benefits are gained by making RBA binding, we need to decide if those outweigh the benefits of participating in REX,” said Daniel D. Hawkins ’12, UA Housing Committee chair.

—Stan Gill