The main discussion at last week’s UA Exec meeting was focused on Orientation. In discussing steps to take as the UA moves forward, participants were adamant about promoting student engagement in upcoming decisions and wanted to hear a clear proposal from the administration on the Orientation calendar (particularly REX).

At the Feb. 7 Senate meeting, the following new members were confirmed and welcomed to the UA: Anika Guptam ’14 as UA Treasurer, Michael P. Walsh ’13 as Chair of the Committee on Athletics, Alix M. de Monts ’13 as Chair of the Committee on Sustainability, and Radhika Malik ’12 as Chair of SCEP. Richard A. Dahan ’12, Chair of the Committee on Student Life, spoke about several initiatives, including assisting the FSILG+D Community Service Competition, running the Boston Daytime on weekends, and Wellness Week. Daniel D. Hawkins ’12, Chair of the Committee on Housing, looks towards expanding his committee, helping PBE brothers if needed, tracking housing data over past years, and looking into efficient inter-dorm transfer policies.

At the same meeting, Vrajesh Y. Modi ’11 presented the State of the UA Address. He complimented the UA’s organization of Institute Committee Representatives and the increase in constituency events this past semester. Modi is satisfied with the work on the chancellor search, the success of Athena printing, and UA discussions on educational technology. Modi cited an improvement in communication since last semester and hopes that the Senate mentoring program will come to fruition this term, and also that policy work will be supplemented with many more Senate guest speakers. Finally, Modi presented background on major topics of discussion: dining, enrollment, Orientation, Walker, and student engagement — the UA’s overarching theme this year.

—Alec Lai, UA Secretary General