Orientation 2011 to be largely identical to previous years

Orientation 2011 to be largely identical to previous years

In an e-mail sent to undergraduate students yesterday evening, Undergraduate Association President Vrajesh Y. Modi ’11, Dormitory Council President Christina R. Johnson ’11, Dean for Undergraduate Education Daniel E. Hastings PhD ’80, and Dean for Student Life Chris Colombo announced that the schedule for Orientation 2011, with the exception of the start date of International Orientation, will not change. Residence Exploration (REX) will be the same length as it was last year.

With IO starting later, the Advanced Standing Exams may overlap with the end of IO. International students who wish to take ASEs would be accommodated. The e-mail did not elaborate on the proposed changes to FPOPs or to City Days.

According to the e-mail, which cited “largely negative” student reaction to the proposed changes at a UA meeting last month, “the Deans for Undergraduate Education (DUE) and Student Life (DSL) will form a committee this spring to review all Orientation programs.” Students will be nominated through the UA to serve on the committee.

“We all share an interest in open communication and a process in which all voices can be heard in a representative way,” the letter read.

“We will continue to work together to ensure a successful Orientation for the Class of 2015 and beyond.”