Over 100 receive Valentine’s serenades

Over 100 receive Valentine’s serenades

Two MIT a capella groups spent yesterday delivering Valentine’s Day serenades.

The all-male Logarhythms sang 51 serenades, in addition to 14 over the phone. Except for seven lucky guys, the Logs mostly serenaded girls. Their most popular song was “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars, which they sang 24 times.

The Logs spent the day literally running around campus. Edward T. Kim ’13 said that a long wait in President Susan J. Hockfield’s office to deliver their annual serenade threw off the schedule, so the Logs had to sprint to catch up.

The Logs said that not all their serenades were well-received. Luke C. Plummer ’14 agreed that one incident stood out for everyone. “We had one pretty grumpy professor in Sloan who made a negative comment about our music,” Plummers said.

“She kept trying to cut us off,” Kim said. When the song finished, she said, “Next time you’re going to interrupt my class, I suggest you select a better music choice.” Coincidentally, the Logs were scheduled to deliver the same song in the classroom next door. They got their revenge by singing as loudly as they could.

Approximately half of the Logs serenades were ordered by a guy for a girl, with almost as many serenades ordered by a girl for a girl. Only one guy received a serenade from another guy.

The all-female Muses delivered 48 live serenades and five phone serenades. Their recipients were split more evenly between genders.

“Most of the professors were pretty accommodating,” Caroline J. Enloe ’13 said. “We went to 6.005 to serenade two people, but neither of them were in class, so we serenaded the professor instead.” The Muse’s most popular song was “As Long As You Love Me” by the Backstreet Boys, followed by “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls.

In addition to the a capella serenades, the MIT Marching Band also delivered a few performances on Sunday, known as Band-O-Grams.

Jingyun Fan