UA welcomes Grimson as new MIT Chancellor

The UA is pleased with President Hockfield’s selection of Professor W. Eric L. Grimson PhD ’80 as MIT’s next chancellor. Through his service on the S^3 Task Force, Commencement Committee, and Education Subcommittee of the Institute-wide Planning Task Force, Professor Grimson has involved students in decision-making at the Institute. He has also engaged students in formal and informal settings such as 6.001 and the 2010 Latkes vs. Hamentashen debate, respectively. Perhaps most importantly, he has a track record of data-driven decision-making and has a respect for process to ensure that all voices are heard, even if consensus is not reached. The UA welcomes Professor Grimson to his new position and looks forward to working with him going forward.

Vrajesh Modi ’11, UA President

Samantha Wyman ’11, UA Vice President