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Quiet weather continues

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Situation for Noon Eastern Time, Friday, February 11, 2011

After a seemingly endless string of strong winter storms during January and the first week of February, the quiet weather this past week has been a welcome reprieve. January was a snowier- and wetter-than-average month for Boston, with 38.3 inches of snow and 4.57 inches of total precipitation (liquid equivalent), compared with normal values of 13.5 inches and 3.92 inches, respectively. The 38.3 inches of snow fell just short of the January record, which was 43.3 inches in 2005. Thankfully for those who are weary of shoveling, the quiet weather of the past week should continue through the middle of next week. There are a couple of clipper systems lined up to move rapidly through New England over the weekend, but their relatively weak strength and lack of moisture will keep any precipitation limited to a few scattered snow showers.