Ghana Justice visits Sloan

Ghana Justice visits Sloan

The Chief Justice of Ghana, Georgina T. Wood, gave a talk on Tuesday about the legal situation in Ghana and Africa. Wood was hosted by the MIT Sloan Africa Business Club, who invited her to be their spring speaker.

Held at the Sloan School’s Wong Auditorium, Wood’s speech focused on legal transparency, intellectual property policies, and arbitration systems in the business environment. She noted that judicial systems in Africa could be more effective at encouraging business activity.

While Ghana has been one of Africa’s success stories in fostering a supportive environment for business, there are still weaknesses that the government aims to fix, said Wood. One of the main problems with the Ghanaian judicial system is a lack of accessibility, particularly for citizens outside of Accra, Ghana’s capital.

While the hosted event officially ended at 7 p.m., Justice Wood’s prepared speech did not last the whole two hours. There were three pre-planned questions in response to Wood’s speech, which she answered afterwards.

—Derek Chang