Tips for Thanksgiving travel

Tips for Thanksgiving travel

Travel on Tuesday or Thursday morning rather than on Wednesday. Flights are cheaper, and there are fewer people to deal with at the airport.

Pack light and don’t check a bag. This saves you time later and you don’t have to worry about the airlines losing your stuff.

Check in online. You don’t have to stand in line at the airport and you’ll likely be in an earlier boarding group.

Get there early. At least two hours for international flights and an hour for domestic.

Don’t wear a belt if you don’t have to. It will just slow you at security.

Wear easily removable shoes. Easy on, easy off.

Put all your metal objects, jewelry, watches, phones, etc., into your carry-on before you get to security. That way you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving items at the checkpoint.

Pack your 3.4 oz. of liquids in advance so the TSA won’t confiscate them from you. Keep in mind that a lot of food counts as liquid and cannot be brought through security. This includes cranberry sauce! Cakes and pies are acceptable, though they have to be screened.

Pack organized. If your bag is just overflowing with stuff and you get searched, you will have to spend time repacking at the checkpoint.

Don’t pack gifts with you. The TSA has the right to open up anything you have wrapped nicely.