News Briefs

Inquiry into Kappa Sigma dorm disturbance dismissed

A complaint against Kappa Sigma for holding noisy pledge events at Burton Conner on Oct. 10 has been investigated by the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and dismissed after following the pre-hearing procedures outlined in the IFC Judicial Bylaws, according to Ryan Schoen ’11, president of the IFC.

On Sunday, Oct. 10, Burton Conner Housemaster Merritt Roe Smith broke up an event involving loud chanting, and a complaint was lodged with the IFC.

Kappa Sigma has been issued a formal letter warning them to be respectful of dorms and their housemasters. The IFC is not releasing the text of the letter.

APO’s Ugliest Man on Campus contest includes dining, stairs

Do what’s uglier: the Random Hall Staircase, a rotting Jack-o-Lantern or the House Dining Advisory Group dining plan?

So far, these are the three contestants in service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega’s Ugliest Man on Campus contest, a week-long charity event that began yesterday.

Allan E. Miramonti ’13 nominated the new HDAG dining proposal, which he said “offers horrifying prices, spine-snapping inflexibility, and a terrifying disregard for student input.”

“For the large subset of students forced to buy into this new plan, this should undoubtedly haunt their dreams and bank accounts,” he said.

Every cent collected for a candidate equals 1 vote. The grand total will go to the charity of the winner’s choice. Miramonti is running to benefit Child’s Play.

Students can vote in Lobby 10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday through Friday this week.

Jordan A Goldstein ’14, campaign manager for the Random Hall staircase, said the staircase was ugly because “it was just painted red.”

“UMOC” has stood for many things over the decades. It originally stood for “Ugliest Man on Campus,” but it has also been known as “Uncleanliest Manifestation on Campus,” “Unholiest Manifestation on Campus,” and “Ultimate Manifestation of k0re.” Last year, APO returned to the original name.