2008-2009 Committee on Discipline stats

At the faculty meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 20, outgoing Committee on Discipline Chair Professor Sheila E. Widnall ’60 presented the COD’s statistics for the 2008-2009 academic year.

Widnall noted that the number of expulsions ­— three ­— was extremely high, and might even represent a record. There were no expulsions in 2007-2008.

She also drew special attention to prospective freshmen caught on rooftops during campus preview weekend. Widnall said those freshmen received informal letters in their file when they enrolled at MIT.

Widnall said that the committee was behind on its tabulations, and that these stats should have been presented last term. She also said she would be back before the faculty to present the 2008-2009 statistics. Professor Robert P. Redwine replaces Widnall as chair of the COD.

Widnall did not respond to requests for prior year’s COD statistics.

John A. Hawkinson