Letters to the Editor

While there has historically been a degree of suggestiveness or double entendre in the entries of the Daily Confusion, we at East Campus felt that a number of the entries added by the Tech staff this year were highly inappropriate and damaging.

Firstly, the warning to potential Next House residents to “watch out for violent Wellesley girls” was in extremely poor taste. It sends exactly the kind of negative message about other dorms that we are encouraged to avoid during REX and Rush, especially since many freshmen do not understand the context of this event while many of the upperclassmen remember it very vividly.

Secondly, the warning that residents of East Campus might expect to “be awakened by random detonations” shows an unbelievable lack of discretion on the part of the Tech’s editors. That sort of damaging statement absolutely simply cannot be printed for the sake of humor.

Robin Deits ’11, East Campus President
Fangfei Shen ’11 East Campus VP