Anna Tang update today

Anna Tang update today

The next update in the saga of Anna L. Tang, the Wellesley student who stabbed MIT student Wolfe B. Styke ’10 in October 2007, will come today at an administrative status conference before Justice Bruce R. Henry in Middlesex Superior Court.

Tang’s trial was halted on June 30 after the Commonwealth’s expert psychiatrist Alison Fife, who had declared that Tang was not criminally responsible for her actions, suddenly changed her mind.

The judge today is expected to schedule a trial and rule on several motions filed in the past two months, including motions by the defense to change bail conditions and exclude evidence, and motions by the Commonwealth for additional discovery.

Tang had previously waived her right to a jury, but because of the psychiatrist’s change of opinion, it is likely that Tang will now choose to have a jury trial.

This status conference was rescheduled from last week, because the judge was not available.

John A. Hawkinson