“Hot dogs- the Hollywood way”

709 N. La Brea Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90038

Every city has its famous hot-spots — the places to which tourists and locals alike flock to take part in a tradition of notoriety simply for the sake of having a unique, quality experience.

Pink’s hot dog stand in Hollywood is one of those places. While several locations of the well-known stand have sprung up in the general Los Angeles area, the original Pink’s lies on the corner of Melrose and La Brea. From its humble beginnings selling 10 cent hot dogs in 1939, Pink’s now draws daily crowds that regularly stretch all the way around the block. When I made my pilgrimage into Hollywood with some friends to (finally) taste their renowned chili dogs, we waited upwards of an hour just to make it to the ordering window. But I admit, that the wait was worth it. Take it from someone who generally doesn’t even like meat: Pink’s sure knows how to make a chili dog.

The hot dog itself was juicy and hot, the chili was flavorful and just a little spicy, and even the bun was softer and fluffier than the average hot dog bun — all for $3.30. The fries, an extra $2.75, were exceptional as well. The famous eatery has an array of hot dogs, hamburgers, and even burritos to pick between, from the Bacon Chili Cheese Dog to the less-expected Brooklyn Pastrami-Swiss Cheese Dog. If it has a bun, you’ll find it at Pink’s.

As we polished off our hot dogs in the cool shade of the covered dining area, (surrounded, might I add, with autographed pictures from literally hundreds of stars), my friends and I unanimously agreed that our meal had been well worth the wait. For anyone in the area seeking a traditional Hollywood pastime, a stop at Pink’s would add some character to any visit.