An article published on June 4 about former student Lori Berenson incorrectly stated that she was married to guerilla leader Nestor Cerpa at the time of her 1995 arrest. Berenson was not married to Cerpa, but she was with his wife at the time of the arrest.

A pair of front-page charts on Friday, May 7, entitled “Provost presents budget cut projections,” showed planning models for the Institute’s deficit. The last sentence erroneously stated that “This data does not incorporate planned cuts for fiscal year 2011.” The chart on the left, “before,” did not incorporate such cuts, but the chart on the right, “after,” did. The cuts were the reason for the difference in the charts.

An article running June 4 stated that the U.S. Soccer team would play England on June 12 in the World Cup opener, but in fact they play England in their opening match. South Africa faces Mexico in the actual World Cup opener on June 11.

The June 4 article on MIT’s nuclear reactor misstated the date that the reactor began operation. It opened in 1958, not 1956.