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Rain returns, again

The last week and a half of weather has been quite variable. After record highs last Wednesday, the past week has seen seasonal temperatures and with the exception of last Friday, has been relatively dry. Unfortunately, that trend will not continue this weekend. The high pressure that has been providing us with sunshine the last few days has been pushed out to sea by a low pressure system coming down from Ontario, Canada. The front associated with this system will bring us cool temperatures and rain showers today, with highs 10-15°F below normal.

This evening, the low will redevelop off the coast and bring a second wave of rain tonight and tomorrow. We’ll see wet, breezy conditions, and temperatures only in the low to mid 40°F’s. As the system moves out to sea, there will be some lingering showers, clouds, and patchy fog.

For the Boston Marathon on Monday, after some morning fog with scattered showers possible, temperatures should return to near average values (mid 50°F’s) under cloudy conditions.