An article on Tuesday about the Campaign for Students protest misquoted Fangfei Shen, who said “Some people might see this $1,800-a-year as a disincentive to live in McCormick or some other non-dining dorm and they might be incentivized to live in dorms like East Campus just because it is cheaper.” The correct figure is $1,800, not $800.

A caption on page 11 of Tuesday’s issue misrepresented the bands that played at the Battle of the Bands over CPW. The photo showed only Robert A. Boyd ’10 of the band Technicolor. Technicolor played alongside The Guitar Knives, The Shallow Romantics, Supa Dupa, Circle of Lewis, Castle Bravo and Crossroads during the concert.

A caption on page 11 of Tuesday’s issue misspelled the name of the student who played Caldwell B. Cladwell in Next Act’s performance of Urinetown. His name is Joseph S. Tennent ’10, not Tennet.