Police Log

Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the Campus Police between Feb 16. and Mar. 9. The dates below reflect the dates the incidents occurred. This information is compiled from the Campus Police’s crime log. The report does not include alarms, general service calls, or incidents not reported to the dispatcher.

Jan. 13 Bldg. 13 (105 Massachusetts Ave.), 11:18a.m., larceny of package

Feb. 3 Bldg. W89 (291 Vassar St.), 12:00p.m., man reported credit card was used without his

Feb. 6 Bldg. 39 (60 Vassar St.), 12:00p.m., larceny of laptop and hard drive.

Feb. 16 Bldg. 42 (59 Vassar St.), 8:25a.m., larceny of tools.

Feb. 16 Bldg. W20 (84 Massachusetts Ave.), 1:30p.m., indecent exposure.

Feb. 16 Bldg. E15 (20 Ames St.), 6:00p.m., suspicious activity.

Feb. 19 Bldg. W89 (291 Vassar St.), 1:00p.m., domestic situation.

Feb. 19 Bldg. W35 (100 Vassar St.), 7:00p.m., id stolen.

Feb. 21 Bldg. 14 (160 Memorial Dr.), 6:55p.m., person in library causing a problem. Person given trespass warning.

Feb. 21 Kappa Sigma (407 Memorial Dr.), 12:30a.m., wallet stolen during a party.

Feb. 21 Kappa Sigma (407 Memorial Dr.), 12:30a.m., jacket, cell phone, and id was stolen during a party.

Feb. 21 Bldg. 68 (31 Ames St.), 3:45p.m., woman reports her laptop and 80 dollars cash stolen from her lab area.

Feb. 21 Bldg. 9 (105 Massachusetts Ave.), 2:00a.m., damage to door.

Feb. 22 Bldg. 1 (Massachusetts Ave.) 3:00p.m., bike was stolen from bike rack.

Feb. 22 Bldg. 32 (32 Vassar St.), 3:55a.m., several doors appeared to be damaged.

Feb. 22 Bldg. NW61 (282 Massachusetts Ave.), 11p.m., annoying/harassing mail.

Feb. 26 Bldg. NW14 (150 Albany St.), 3:00p.m., copper piping stolen.

Feb. 22 Beta Tau Pi (119 Bay State Rd.), 4:57p.m., person climbing through a window and into the residence. Person was located and is a resident of the house.

Feb. 26 Bldg. 37, (70 Vassar St.), 8:30a.m., larceny of laptop and passport from backpack.

Feb. 26 Bldg. 5 (55 Massachusetts Ave.), 5:00p.m., graffiti on door.

Feb. 26 Bldg. 54 (21 Ames St.), 6p.m., breaking and entering of a room and larceny of a computer cable.

Feb. 28 Bldg. NW12 (138 Albany St.), 7:30p.m., graffiti on exterior door.

Mar. 1 Bldg. 54 (21 Ames St.), 1:16a.m., breaking and entering.

Mar. 1 Bldg. 68 (31 Ames St.), 1:51a.m., two individuals issued trespass warning.

Mar. 1 Kendall Square, 8:38a.m., disgruntled person kicked door and shattered glass.

Mar. 1 Bldg. 2 (182 Memorial Dr.), 11a.m., larceny of bicycle from eastman court.

Mar. 2 Bldg. 37 (70 Vassar St.), 12:48p.m, damaged door.

Mar. 2 Bldg. E25 (Carlton St.), 4:20p.m., woman reported her wallet was stolen.

Mar. 3 Bldg. 4 (77 Massachusetts Ave.), 12:20p.m., woman reported her laptop stolen. Computer was left behind and returned to owner.

Mar. 3 Bldg. 46 (46 Vassar St.), 4:00p.m., missing older person. Person located in another building.

Mar. 3 Bldg. 35 (127 Massachusetts Ave.), 2:43p.m., homeless person setting up residence in mens room. Person given trespass notice.

Mar. 3 Bldg. W32 (Vassar St.), 7:30a.m., larceny of wallet from Z center.

Mar. 3 Bldg. 12 (60 Vassar St.), 10:30a.m., harassing voice mail.

Mar. 6 Bldg. E55 (60 Wadsworth St.), 11:45p.m., possible domestic situation.

Mar. 6 Lambda Chi Alpha (99 Bay State Rd.), 10:30p.m., man reported his bike stolen.

Mar. 7 Bldg. 9 (105 Massachusetts Ave.), 12:41p.m., suspicious person Fabio Armelio, 106 Warren St.m Cambridge MA; arrested for trespassing after notice.

Mar. 9 Bldg. W11 (40 Massachusetts Ave.), 8:00a.m., larceny of check.

Mar. 9 Bldg. 7 (77 Massachusetts Ave.), 12:38p.m., larceny of equipment.