CSAIL upgrades wireless<br />network to 802.11n

CSAIL upgrades wirelessnetwork to 802.11n

Wireless internet in CSAIL is experiencing a boost this week as 80 new Meraki 802.11n access points are being installed. The new wireless network runs at 100 megabits per second, 10 times faster than it was before the upgrade.

The new network will serve most of the Stata Center above the ground floor, not including student street, which is managed by IS&T. The Stata center is occupied by the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, as well as the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems and the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy.

The Infrastructure Group at CSAIL, also known as TIG, installed the access points and will manage the new wireless network. Jack Costanza, assistant director of infrastructure at CSAIL, said the upgrade to Meraki access points will help TIG monitor and configure the network via a web-based controller. “The new Meraki-based network will not only have a dramatic effect on performance but also provide a cost effective alternative to traditional wireless hardware controller based implementations,” said Costanza. “The combination of this advanced technology and ‘cloud’ based controller will allow TIG to easily manage the network and pinpoint security issues on the wireless network in Stata.”

According to Costanza, all of the new wireless access points will be installed in CSAIL by today.