Letters to the Editor

Sex discussion is healthy

I resent Chaplain Randolph’s portrayal of The Tech as a “little boy’s club” simply because of its generous campaign to promote sex toy usage among those who feel they need it.

These days, women are allowed to like sex just as much as men, they’re allowed to like talking about it, and they’re allowed to like reading articles about it. There’s no need to add just a “few young women” to the “little boys”; we’re all in the same impure, “childish,” going-to-hell boat. I wonder if he has actually read the Tech’s sex articles? They’re almost all written by women, about women.

So the next time Chaplain Randolph would like to criticize the student body’s healthy obsession with sex (those of us who aren’t voluntarily abstinent, that is), he can at least level the accusations in a non-gendered way.

By the way, a frank discussion of sexual habits is not only enjoyable, it is informative, and allows both men and women a chance for self-discovery and empowerment.

— Kallie J. Hedberg ’10