Letters to the Editor

Why the sex toy coverage?

I see much in the The Tech that shows care and a growing professionalism. There is much going on at MIT that is newsworthy and widely interesting. The Brass Rat in space piece, the accomplishments of our men’s basketball team, the other teams that excel, and the response to the tragedy in Haiti come to mind. So what is going on with the sex toy fetish?

Reading The Tech of late is a bit like dropping in on a little boys club. Are we not giving you the attention you deserve? Come on, being childish, talking like pre-adolescents, even if you include a few young women, wears thin after a while and it turns your enterprise into a project not worthy of a community committed to excellence. I know you know better.

— Robert M. Randolph
Housemaster, Bexley Hall
Chaplain to the Institute

Editor’s note: The Tech is committed to serving MIT. In the Campus Life section, columnists share what they think is of value to the community. Columnist Christine Yu believes there should be no shame in using sex toys, and we believe there is no reason our community cannot discuss them responsibly. There is nothing childish about the matter. We also direct the community to MIT Medical’s sexual health column, Sexpertise, at http://medweb.mit.edu/wellness/sexuality/sexpertise.