Because of an editing error, a front-page article Friday about the Kendall Band identified two of the Band’s three instruments by the name “Kepler.” Kepler is the large metal ring. The rumbling sheet of metal is named “Galileo,” not “Kepler.”

A front-page In Short Friday about the Association of Student Activites elections gave incorrect spellings of several names, as well as listing incorrect class years. The ASA president is Keone D. Hon ’11, not Keone D. Han G. The treasurer is Nicole D. Teague ’11, not Nichole D. Teague ’12. Rebecca E. Krentz-Wee is class of 2012, not 2011. Rachel E. Meyer is class of 2010 (on leave), not 2012. Krentz-Wee replaced Paul Baranay ’11 as secretary, not Teague.

A photograph of RAMBAX, an MIT Senegalese percussion group, on page 14 of Friday’s issue was incorrectly attributed to Meng Heng Touch. The photograph was taken by Elijah Mena, not by Touch.

An article on February 12 about the new student group “Graduate Women at MIT” or GWAMIT (pronounced “gee-whamit”) incorrectly stated that roughly 1,900 of the 1,916 female graduate students responded to the 2009 Graduate Women Support Survey. The survey actually received 963 responses and was sent to 1,846 MIT graduate student women.

Krentz-Wee’s class year was also misidentified in a front-page photo caption from April 17, 2009.