UA Update

Senate met on Monday, November 9. Kirk D. Kolenbrander, Vice President of Institute Affairs and Secretary of the Corporation, discussed the Corporation’s visiting committee structure. Kolenbrander described their purpose, reporting structure, and composition.

Many pieces of legislation were brought before Senate. 41 U.A.S. 4.2: Bill to Create a Record of Standing Practices, which creates institutional memory of the standing practices and procedures of the Senate each year, was passed. The passing of 41 U.A.S. 5.1: History Committee Budget Timing allowed for the committee’s alumni dinner to take place during IAP instead of the fall semester. $5,000 from the Senate Discretionary was allocated to help pay for the cost of a TV outside the Student Center to display information about Saferide with the passing of 41 U.A.S. 5.2. The Dining Proposal Committee was formally dissolved when 41 U.A.S. 5.3 was passed.

41 U.A.S 5.4: Including the ASA Bylaws in the UA Bylaws, which requires that ASA bylaws be enumerated within the Senate Bylaws, was presented to Senate and tabled until the next meeting.

One piece of legislation presented to Senate, 41 U.A.S. 4.1: Bill to Clarify “Final Authority” in the Constitution, failed to pass, but Senate’s discussion of this bill indicated they would like to clarify the constitutional notion of “final authority,” although not in the manner presented in this bill.

Elizabeth A. Denys, UA Secretary General