Because of erroneous data provided by the Interfraternity Council, the fraternity rush Daily Confusion published in Friday’s Tech contained numerous inaccuracies. The corrected version distributed at the Greek Griller on Sunday is available online at http://tech.mit.edu/V129/N33/fraternityDCnew.html.

Because of multiple editing errors, an article Friday about MIT professors serving in the Obama administration gave the wrong department for several professors. Professor Eric S. Lander is Course VII, Biology, not Course VI, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Professor J. Chappell H. Lawson is Course XVII, Political Science, not course XVIII, Mathematics. The same article also gave the wrong expansion for an executive branch office. The OMB is the Office of Management and Budget, not the Office of Budget and Management.

An article Friday, titled “Students Were Human Dominoes in an MIT World-Record Attempt,” mispelled one student’s last name and gave the wrong dormitory hall for another. Keri-Lee A. Garel ’10’s last name is spelled “Garel,” not “Gerel.” Andrew L. Geng ’11 lives on 3rd West in East Campus, not on 3rd East.