Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the Campus Police between May 1 and May 28. The dates below reflect the dates incidents occurred. This information is compiled from the Campus Police’s crime log. The report does not include alarms, general service calls, or incidents not reported to the dispatcher.

Jan 31: Bldg. W7 (362 Memorial Dr.), 12:57 p.m., larceny of bicycle.

Mar 1: Bldg. W20 (84 Mass. Ave.), 1:10 p.m., larceny of musical instrument.

Mar 10: Bldg. E52 (50 Memorial Dr.), 4 p.m., party reports harassing e-mail.

Apr 17: Bldg. 35 (127 Mass. Ave.), 1 p.m., larceny of video camera.

Apr 18: Bldg. W89 (291 Vassar St.), 9 p.m., person in station to report an electrical multimeter was stolen from a Facilities truck.

Apr 26: Bldg. 7 (77 Mass. Ave.), 11 p.m., officer receives larceny report from the Rotch Library.

May 1: Bldg. 38 (50 Vassar St.), 12:16 a.m., party states that unknown person(s) in Bldg. 38 broke about four chairs in the lab.

Bldg. W20 (84 Mass. Ave.), 10 a.m., larceny of camera.

Bldg. W35 (100 Vassar St.), 10 p.m., cell phone stolen while in Zesiger Center.

May 2: Phi Beta Epsilon (400 Memorial Dr.), 2:30 a.m., laptop stolen while person was asleep.

N42 (211 Mass. Ave.), 10:16 a.m., stolen vehicle, 1991 Saab.

Lot 1 (125 Vassar St.), 4:38 p.m., report of a fight in West Annex Lot; officers determined it was a verbal confrontation over parking.

May 3: Bldg. 14S (160 Memorial Dr.), 2:58 p.m., MIT Police respond to library on report of a larceny.

May 4: Bldg. 32 (32 Vassar St.), 2 p.m., larceny of wallet.

May 5: Bldg. 35 (127 Mass. Ave.), 6:30 p.m., video camera reported stolen.

May 6: Phi Delta Theta (97 Bay State Road), 1:30 a.m., larceny of laptop.

Sigma Nu (28 The Fenway), 2 a.m., larceny of laptop.

May 7: Bldg. NE30, 8 p.m., larceny of incubators.

May 9: Bldg. NW10 (143 Albany St.), 12:01 a.m., report that someone hit the owner’s vehicle and left the area.

Alpha Tau Omega (405 Memorial Dr.), 6 p.m., iPod reported stolen.

Alpha Tau Omega (405 Memorial Dr.), 8 p.m., laptop reported stolen.

May 10: Bldg. 35 (127 Mass. Ave.), 3:40 p.m., party states his laptop was stolen from lab within the last 15 minutes.

Bldg. W33 (106 Vassar St.), 6:15 p.m., laptop reported stolen from Rockwell Cage locker room.

May 11: Bldg. W20 (84 Mass. Ave.), 12 a.m., wallet stolen from common area on the fifth floor.

Bldg. W7 (362 Memorial Dr.), 10 a.m., report of wallet stolen from unlocked room while reporting party was sleeping.

Bldg. 33 (125 Mass. Ave.), 6 p.m., larceny of bicycle.

Bldg. 62 (21 Ames St.), 8:50 p.m., larceny of laptop from room.

Bldg. W85 (540 Memorial Dr.), 10:01 p.m., report of six males with masks running from Bldg.; all available MIT units assisted by Boston and State Police.

May 13: Bldg. 50 (142 Memorial Dr.), 11 p.m., larceny of bicycle.

Bldg. 13 (105 Rear Mass. Ave.), 12:40 p.m., laptop reported stolen from office area.

May 14: Sigma Nu (523 Newbury St.), 12:01 a.m., larceny of laptop from room.

E51 (70 Memorial Dr.), 5 p.m., report that door locks were damaged.

May 15: Bldg. 64 (21 Ames St.), 1:30 p.m., iPod stolen.

Zeta Beta Tau (58 Manchester Rd.), 10:30 p.m., party reports bicycle stolen.

May 18: Bldg. 32 (32 Vassar St.), 9 a.m., larceny of laptop.

Bldg. N10 (155 Mass. Ave.), 9:45 a.m., party states car was hit while parked in the lot.

Bldg. 3 (33 Mass. Ave.), 2:25 p.m., lost laptop.

Bldg. NW86 (70 Pacific St.), 5 p.m., larceny of bicycle.

Bldg. 56 (21 Rear Ames St.), 5:30 p.m., larceny of laptop.

Bldg. 26 (Vassar St.), 7 p.m., bicycle reported stolen.

Bldg. NW10 (143 Albany St.), 9 p.m., vehicle was broken into overnight on Cross St.

May 19: Bldg. E48 (226 Main St.), 10 a.m., larceny of computer equipment.

Theta Delta Chi (372 Memorial Dr.), 6:32 p.m., report of suspicious male entering TDC; cruisers respond; Sean Driscoll of 625 West Lowell Ave., Haverhill, Mass. arrested for breaking and entering and for seven outstanding warrants.

Amherst St., 10 p.m., window of vehicle parked between Ashdown and McCormick smashed and laptop stolen from car.

May 20: Bldg. 4 (182 Rear Memorial Dr.), 8:50 a.m., larceny of bag.

Bldg. 56 (21 Rear Ames St.), 5 p.m., report of motor scooter stolen from Bldg. 16 area.

Bldg. W20 (84 Mass. Ave.), 8:56 p.m., suspicious person on second floor lounge; person issued trespass warning.

May 21: Bldg. W79 (229 Vassar St.), 1:35 a.m., cash stolen from business.

Bldg. NE20 (3 Cambridge Ctr.), 2:10 p.m., attempted shoplifting; store worker recovered items, suspect fled area; officer finds suspect in Kendall Square and conducts a routine check.

May 22: Bldg. 7 (77 Mass. Ave.), 8:45 a.m., larceny of tools.

Bldg. 5 (77 Mass. Ave.), 2 p.m., stolen bicycle.

May 23: Bldg. W13 (52 Mass. Ave.), 1 a.m., larceny of cash and credit card.

NW17 (175 Albany St.), 6 a.m., report of vehicle broken into; GPS and bicycle stolen from inside.

N52 (265 Mass. Ave.), 7:32 p.m., report of threat left on voicemail.

May 25: Bldg. 64 (21 Ames St.), 5:31 a.m., larceny of laptop.

Bldg. 13 (105 Rear Mass. Ave.), 5 p.m., larceny of laptop.

May 26: Bldg. 1 (33 Mass. Ave.), 10:20 a.m., homeless person asleep in classroom; trespass warning issued.

May 27: Bldg. 35 (127 Mass. Ave.), 9 a.m., larceny of laptop.