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Stormy Down South, Dry Up North

Stormy Down South, Dry Up North

Severe weather has been wreaking havoc in the southeastern United States over the past few days. Over the weekend, severe thunderstorms caused widespread power outages, toppled trees, and spawned tornadoes as they carved a path through parts of Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and the Carolinas. Widespread damage and flooding was reported as were several deaths and injuries. The region was then battered by another storm system on Monday, with strong winds, heavy rain, and hail reported across Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida. More severe weather was expected at the time of this writing Monday night, with severe thunderstorm and tornado watches posted by the National Weather Service across the Southeast.

While spring is a peak time for severe weather in areas of the southeastern United States, severe storms occur much more rarely in the Northeast this time of year. The weather systems currently producing severe weather in the South will steer clear of the New England region, and the area will stay dry for the rest of the week. Periods of clouds and sun can be expected through mid-week. While today’s high will be about 53°F, temperatures will struggle to reach the 50s°F through Thursday. Finally, a weekend warm-up will bring sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s°F.

Extended Forecast

Today: Partly cloudy and calm, High 53°F (12°C)

Tonight: Mostly clear, Low 37°F (3°C)

Tomorrow: Partly sunny, High 49°F (9°C)

Thursday: Sunny, Highs around 50°F (10°C)

Friday: Sunny, Highs in the mid 60s°F (18°C)