ASA Election Results

CORRECTION TO THIS ARTICLE: An earlier version of this table gave an incorrect middle initial for the newly elected secretary of the Association of Student Activities. He is Paul Baranay, not Paul D. Baranay.

ASA Election Results

* Incumbent ASA Executive Board member.

The Association of Student Activities elected officers for the 2009–2010 term at their General Body Meeting last night in 34-101. Current ASA member Rachel E. Meyer ’10 defeated Jessie Q. Li ’10 by a landslide for President. Current president Keone Hon ’11 defeated Li and Nicole D. Teague ’11 in the election for Treasurer. Secretary and Graduate Member elections were unopposed.

Teague, Valederrama, and Goldstein defeated Rebecca E. Krentz-Wee ’12, Andrea Robles ’10 (a Tech photography editor), and Li. Li and Robles were eliminated early, with Krentz-Wee coming in a close third.

The ASA meeting did not transact other significant business, other than to remind student groups to update their ASA database entries, and to announce that assignments for the Campus Preview Weekend Activities Midway would be out soon; they have been delayed because of the illness of an ASA Executive Board member.

President Rachel E. Meyer ’10*
Treasurer Keone Hon ’11*
Secretary Paul Baranay ’11*
Graduate Member at Large Zhao Chen G*
Graduate Member at Large Leslie C. Dewan G
Undergraduate Member at Large Nicole D. Teague ’11
Undergraduate Member at Large Tony J. Valderrama ’11
Student Member at Large Matthew Goldstein ’09