Bennie, Delano Elected as Next UA President, Vice President

Michael A. Bennie ’10 and Margaret K. Delano ’10 were elected Undergraduate Association president and vice-president, respectively, in a landslide victory last week. Bennie and Delano garnered just under half of all first-place votes, nearly tripling the vote count of runner-up Ryan W. Jackson ’10 and Thomas W. Hay ’10.

Write-in candidates Abdulaziz M. Albahar ’10 and Tewfik R. Cassis ’10 placed third, ahead of the final pair of slated candidates, Benjamin J. Agre ’12 and Raeez Lorgat ’12.

Most class elections for upperclassmen were single-candidate races with foregone conclusions. In the only contested upperclassmen race, Jeffrey Y. Zhou ’10 defeated Brittany N. Russo ’10 to become class secretary.

Elections for the class of 2012 were more hotly contested. Nathaniel S. Fox ’12 prevailed over incumbent Rishi Dixit ‘12 to become class president. Hannah E. Sparkman ’12 handily beat incumbent Andy D. Kalenderian ’12 in the race for vice president.

The races for publicity chair and social chair were much closer, decided by a handful of votes each.

A total of 1,806 votes were cast for UA president/vice president this year, down from 1,914 total votes last year. Overall, 1,870 students voted in the elections.

See the associated table for complete results.