Skating Club Holds Exhibition

MIT and Boston Area Skaters Perform to Various Musical Pieces

On Saturday, March 14th, 2009, the MIT Figure Skating Club (FSC) held its annual club exhibition at the Johnson Ice Rink. This show was coordinated by group lesson instructor Susan Alpert; Esther Horwich ’77 was the show’s emcee. This year’s show featured many group, solo, and duet performances by club and local skaters and had an audience of around 200 people.

Some MIT affiliates who skated in the show for the fist time include Paul Berube (postdoctoral associate), Jose Correa G, Lineth deBarnett, Katherine J. Fang ’12, Giorgia Fortuna G, Zaira Garate ’11, Reguli Granger ’12, Shawn Pan ’12, Noa Rensing ’86, and Carla Rivas G. Some of the guest skaters from the Boston area include Marina Barova, Kevin Han, Teri Harte and Ian Macadam, Janelle Maddaleni, Alina Milevska, and Curran Oi.

The opening number of the show featured 28 club skaters, who skated to “Do You Love Me” by the Contours. It was choreographed by Diane Brancazio ’90. The theater on ice team, which won gold at the Skating Club of New York exhibition last month, was coordinated by Jessica A. Eisenstein ’06. They skated to music from Chicago’s “Cell Block Tango.” Besides the MIT theater on ice performance, there were two other theater on ice performances — Act 1 of Boston Theater on Ice and Pizazz Theater on Ice. Both groups have MIT-affiliated skaters. Aubrey L. Samost ’10 is a member of Act 1 of Boston, which skated to music from the musical West Side Story. Diana S. Cheng ’04 is part of the Pizazz team, which performed to music from the movie Star Wars.

Besides the opening number and the theater on ice performances, there were other group performances, including the Canasta Tango (Preliminary level dance), Swing Dance (Bronze level dance), and Foxtrot (Pre-Silver level dance). These group ice dances were coordinated by Susan Alpert, Esther Horwich, and Kate McDermott, all FSC instructors. There were also free dance programs performed by Cheng and Mickey Barry, both registered skating coaches, and by Susan Alpert and Alex Landsman, FSC club instructors.

Others who performed solo programs at the exhibition include current students Kristina K. Brown ’09, Annie Ouyang ’11, Aubrey L. Samost ’10, and David M. Wentzlaff G and alumnae Diane M. Brancazio ’90, Cheng, Eisenstein, and Ruth Y. Shyu ’88.