Letters to the Editor

Grad Gala Conflicts with Religious Holidays

The MIT Grad Gala invitation has been pinging into my inbox and, finally succumbing to the relentless assault, I decided to buy a ticket … that is until I noticed the date. While I am not generally one to rain on a parade, I am surprised that the GSC did not exercise more care in scheduling.

Regardless of MIT’s secularity, the US is still a Judeo-Christian country and I point out that Saturday the 11th of April is both Easter and Passover. Observant Catholics and Protestants will want to attend Vigil Masses, the most important Christian service during the entire year, and observant Jews, should they choose to attend, won’t actually be able to eat!

This is not the case of missing a small minority; rather it is a most disappointing failure of the GSC’s elected body and staff to adequately represent their constituents. I hope more care will be taken in the future.