Letters to the Editor

Farley Harassed Me

By chance I stumbled onto an article that was written by a Dr. Jonathan Farley that appears in your February 13, 2009 publication, The Tech.

I have never met Dr. Farley, yet I am subject to his irrational, aggressive and often juvenile behavior. A Dr. Charles Kimbrough gave my telephone number to Dr. Farley several years ago, and, unfortunately, I discovered, Dr. Kimbrough was desperately trying to unload the fellow and his persistent and aggressive pursuit and I became an unwitting victim.

As I understand it, Dr. Farley ran into conflict with the Klu Klux Klan subsequent to an article that had been written by said Dr. Farley. Also, I understand that Dr. Farley experienced some conflict with his employer at the time, Vanderbilt University. I was not aware of these incidents, and not certain I was even in the State at the time, but I soon learned that having exhausted University and NAACP appeals, Dr. Farley pursued anyone whom he thought he could intimidate into whatever action per his cause.

Subsequent to listening to Dr. Farley’s prolonged diatribes and monologues, because I could not give him the relief and attention he demanded, he began to harass me. I finally found it necessary to block his number from my telephone line.

To find my name turning up in one of Dr. Farley’s “articles of complaint” when don’t even know the man, confirms my opinion that this person has some problems and may run the risk of being held accountable for loosely bantering around the names of individuals.

The Tennessee Judicial Council