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1882 bikeracks
A 3D rendering of the new bicycle racks and repair stand outside the Stratton Student Center, Building W20. This view from the southeast corner shows the proposed location of the repair stand, which will be installed in March. The racks go in today.
Source: Adam Serafin, Facilities

New Student Center Bike Racks

Bike racks on the south and east sides of the Student Center are being replaced today.

The new racks will be the same style as those recently installed on the southwest corner of the building, near Cambridge Grill and Dunkin’ Donuts.

The new racks are a model called Swerve, manufactured by Dero, said Adam J. Serafin, a Campus Planner for Facilities.

Serafin said the Swerve racks are mounted on rails to “provide easier access,” unlike the current “radiator racks,” which require cyclists to lift their bicycles over the rack.

In addition to the new racks, Serafin said that Facilities would be installing a Dero FixIt Station, a bicycle repair station. One FixIt station is planned for the south-east corner of the Student Center, and another one will be installed outside of the Stata Center.

The FixIt station, which will be demonstrated at the upcoming Transportation Fair in Stata on March 11, contains an array of bicycle tools, including wrenches, a pump, and tire levers. The tools are cabled to the repair station to prevent theft. The FixIt station won’t be installed until after the Fair in March.

Serafin said that 59 Swerve racks would be installed, on the south and east faces of the Student Center, and would accommodate 118 bicycles. Serafin said that new racks would accommodate “the same number” of bicycles as the old racks.

—John A. Hawkinson