The article entitled “Chomsky Condemns U.S. and Israel for Civilian Deaths in Gaza Strip” in the Jan. 14 issue of The Tech misquoted Professor Noam A. Chomsky as saying, regarding Israeli actions in Gaza, “At most they should be greeted with a yawn.” He actually said, “So there is no particular reason why this new crime should be greeted with anything more than a yawn.”

The Jan. 21 article about the 2009 Mystery Hunt used the wrong sex for the captain of the fictional Brass Rat Spaceship. Captain Blastoid is female.

That same article incorrectly described a tortuously complicated puzzle featuring a live duck as a “logic puzzle”; actually, that puzzle, the Duck Konundrum, has little in common with traditional logic puzzles.

The Feb. 10 article about MIT’s 2009 commencement speaker incorrectly stated that Vivian Tang ’09, Class of 2009 president, was not involved in the committee that recommended choices for the 2009 speaker. Although she was not officially a member of the committee, she was consulted to collect speaker suggestions from students and provided feedback when the committee was compiling the list of recommended speakers.

An article Friday about mandatory dining plan modifications for the fifty undergraduates living in NW35 Ashdown mis-stated the price of the former meal plan. It is $600 per term, not $600 per month.