Letter From Bonanni to The Tech

November 17, 2008

167 Erie Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Nick Semenkovich, Editor in Chief

The Tech

84 Massachusetts Avenue

Suite 483

Cambridge, MA 02139

Dear Editor in Chief Semenkovich,

As you are no doubt aware, I was arrested by the MIT Police Department in 2007. Despite recent articles in The Tech regarding the MIT Police Department, I want to assure the student body that the officers I dealt with were courteous throughout the court proceedings. I was able to resolve my case earlier this week and I would not have been able to do so were it not for the professional approach taken by the police officers in question.

Very truly yours,

Leonardo Bonanni

This letter was mailed to The Tech from the Cambridge District Court. “As a condition of a Pre-trial Probation, Leonardo Bonanni was required to write a letter to your newspaper and to the Police Officer involved in his case — I hope this provides resolution to the matter,” wrote probation officer Marie Burke. (She was unavailable for comment on Monday; a reporter left a telephone message.)