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Thanksgiving Travel Weather

Thanksgiving Travel Weather

Below are the Wednesday forecasts for your holiday destinations:

Greater New England: Mostly dry, although chance rain/snow exists (depending on location), highs in the low-mid 40s, lows in the upper 20s to upper 30s. | NYC/New Jersey: Cloudy with chance rain, High 45˚F, Low 34˚F | Philadelphia, PA: Slight chance snow/rain, High 46˚F, Low 30˚F | Atlanta, GA: Sunny, High 58˚F, Low 37˚F | Chicago, IL: Mostly Sunny, High 45˚F, Low 26˚F | Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC: Partly sunny/cloudy. High 48˚F, Low 35˚F | Cleveland, OH: Snow. Don’t you love Lake Erie? High 34˚F, Low 30˚F | Dallas, TX: Partly sunny with chance of Tstms in evening, High 75˚F, Low 53˚F | El Paso, TX/Las Cruces, NM: Sunny in day, chance rain at night, High 66˚F, Low 40˚F. | Miami, FL: Sunny and gorgeous, High 75˚F, Low 55˚F | Huntsville, AL: Sunny, High 51˚F, Low 28˚F | St. Louis, MO: Clear and Sunny, High 53˚F, Low 33˚F | Denver, CO: Partly sunny/cloudy, High 59˚F, Low 31˚F | Los Angeles, CA: Rain and possible Thunderstorms, High 64˚F, Low 55˚F | Montreal, Quebec: Morning snow. High 2˚C, Low -3˚C | Wasilla, AK: Cloudy, you betcha! High 21˚F, Low 10˚F. Brrrr. | Sunnydale, CA: 50% chance rain with possible apocalypse, High 63˚F, Low 53˚F | The Other Cambridge (England): Fog in the evening. High 9˚C, Low 2˚C

Extended Forecast (Boston)

Tonight: Up to an inch of rain. Wind gusts past 20 mph. Low 37°F (3°C).

Tomorrow: Partly sunny in the morning with clouds increasing through the day. Slight chance of rain in the afternoon. High in mid 40s°F (7°C).

Tomorrow night: Mostly cloudy, low in the upper 30s°F (3°C). Slight chance for rain.

Thanksgiving: Partly sunny with a high in the upper 40s°F (8°C).