The Friday, Oct. 31 article “Harris Wins Short Track Event At Mountain Biking Competition” was incorrectly attributed to Lucas Goodman. The article was written by Lisa Marshall.

The Friday, Nov. 14 opinion column “What’s So Great About 2008?” misstated the name of the Soviet head of state who tangled diplomatically with President John F. Kennedy. The premier was Nikita Khruschev, not Joseph Stalin. (Stalin died in 1953.)

The Friday, Nov. 14 article “MIT Hopes Two-Thirds of Seniors Will Give to Class Gift, OCW Fund” incorrectly described the history of MIT’s support for the OpenCourseWare initiative. MIT has never fully funded the program. Most of the start-up funding came from charitable foundations, and MIT’s support has grown to approximately half of OCW’s annual budget.

The Friday, Nov. 21 sports headline “MIT Debate Takes First At Oxford, Cambridge IVs” was incorrect. The Debate Team took first at the Cambridge IV but placed sixth at the Oxford IV.