News Briefs

P.E. Lottery Replaced With Real-Time Registration

The Physical Education lottery will be replaced with a new real time registration system beginning with IAP. The enrollment period for IAP P.E. classes will run from 10 a.m. on December 3 until 1 p.m. on December 10. Undergraduates will have priority as graduate students will not be able to start registering until December 8.

Students can go online to add open classes or enter the waitlist for classes that are full. As students add and drop classes, the waitlist will be maintained in realtime. Registration is first-come, first-serve.

Additionally, students will be able to monitor their attendance and grades online via Stellar. Attendance history of P.E. classes taken will be available online for IAP 2009 onward.

­—Arkajit Dey

UMOC Donations Will Go to Doctors Without Borders

A total of $833.31 was raised by Alpha Phi Omega’s annual Uncleanliest Manifestation on Campus charity fundraiser which was held last week. The donations will go to Doctors Without Borders, the charity of the winner, the microwave from BMF — the third floor on the north half of Random Hall.

The turnout “was impressive,” said UMOC Organizer, Kristin Kuhn ’11. Kuhn attributed the high total, which was “more than recent” totals, partly to a “competition that flared up between Michael Snively and the residents of BMF.” Michael J. Snively ’11 had been in first place going into the last day of competition, but BMF surged past his total reaching a final sum of $558.16 leaving Snively a distant second with $142.26 raised.

In explaining why they entered their microwave as a contestant, BMF resident Meghan C. Reedy ’09, said it was because “we couldn’t enter the milk,” referring to Random Hall’s 14-year old carton of milk. “It had been banned because it won [UMOC] one too many times,” said Reedy. Another resident and the BMF team’s self-appointed campaign manager, Catherine A. Olson ’11, said the microwave “was disgusting,” and she had promised to clean it if they won. Olson had also promised to clean the microwave of any floor in Random Hall that donated more than $30. She said she had about four microwaves to clean now.

Total donations were down from last year’s $1,261.80 raised for the Transition House charity, but up from two years ago.

­—Arkajit Dey