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Say It Ain’t Snow

Say It Ain’t Snow

The mere mention of snow sends people flocking to get sweaters, gloves, scarves, and occasionally every last loaf of bread and gallon of milk in supermarkets as well. We’re approaching that time of year when the flakes will begin to fall and cover the ground in a serene white. On average, the first snow arrives in Boston around Nov. 4, and the first inch of accumulating snow doesn’t usually occur until the first part of December. However, some years are curveballs, including 2005. On Oct. 29 of that year, 1.1 inches (2.8 cm) of slushy snow coated the still changing leaves.

Even though the mornings have turned colder and frost covers the landscape before dawn, there aren’t any curveballs (or snowballs) in the works yet. Rather, this weekend will feature a warming trend but at the expense of a storm due to arrive late Saturday and early Sunday. If you happen to be out during this time frame, be prepared for a period of windswept moderate to heavy rain. The weather should recover quickly for any outdoor plans you may have during the day Sunday.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Clear. Low 44°F (7°C).

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny early, then increasing clouds during the afternoon leading to showers in the late evening. High 61°F (16°C).

Tomorrow night: Rain and wind. Low 57°F (14°C).

Sunday: Showers ending in the morning, then sunny the rest of the day. High 64°F (18°C).