The Aug. 8, 2008 In Short section incorrectly named the position that Karl W. Reid ’84, director of the MIT Office of Minority Education, will hold when he leaves MIT and joins the United Negro College Fund of Fairfax. He will hold the position of senior vice president of academic programs and strategic initiatives, not a liaison position.

The Aug. 28, 2008 news article “An Increase in Female Applicants Seen for Class of 2012 Admissions” incorrectly stated the number of female applicants. The number is actually 3,931, not 3,391. The corresponding acceptance rate of female applicants should also be 19.4 percent, not 22.4 percent.

The Aug. 29, 2008 news article “Lower Percentage of Freshmen Request Adjustment in Lottery” had an inaccurate headline. As stated in the article, about the same percentage of eligible freshmen entered the lottery this year as compared to last year, not a lower percentage.

The Sept. 5, 2008 news article “Old Ashdown Closed For Renovations and Repairs” was unclear when it stated that Karl F. Wolff ’11 is the interim president of NW35. To clarify, Wolff is the interim president of the Phoenix Group, a group of approximately 50 undergraduates currently housed in the NW35 graduate dormitory. The Phoenix Group will eventually move to W1.

The Sept. 5, 2008 theater review about the Musical Theatre Guild’s production of “Into the Woods” incorrectly spelled the last name of one of the actors. The actor who played Jack is named Timothy Wilfong, not Wilfgong.

The Sept. 5, 2008 sports article “Women’s Soccer Falls to Brandeis 4-0, Rebounds to Defeat Simmons College” was incorrectly attributed. The article was actually written by DAPER staff member James Kramer, not Mindy Brauer.

The Sept. 5, 2008 women’s volleyball photo incorrectly stated that the match against Rhode Island College was a pre-season game. It was actually the fourth game of the season.