Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the MIT Police between Aug. 5, 2008 and Aug. 24, 2008. This summary does not include incidents such as false alarms, general service calls, or medical shuttles.

Aug. 5: M10 (122 Memorial Dr.), 4:29 p.m., Larceny of bicycle.

W34 (120 Vassar St.), 8:45 p.m., Wallet stolen from men’s locker room.

Aug. 6: W89 (291 Vassar St.), 7:07 p.m., Laptop stolen from Alpha Tao Omega (ATO).

W35 (100 Vassar St.), 7:25 p.m., Wallet stolen.

Aug. 7: M35 (127 Mass. Ave.), 4:14 p.m., Laptop stolen from office.

Aug. 8: W89 (291 Vassar St.), 10:03 a.m., Report of theft of construction material.

E51 (70 Memorial Dr.), 9:59 p.m., Suspicious activity; several juveniles arrested for trespassing and related charges.

Aug. 9: W16 (48 Rear Mass. Ave.), 10:19 p.m., Report of wallet stolen while attending a performance.

Aug. 10: W34 (120 Vassar St.), 11:59 p.m., Contract cleaner reports past assault by employee of same contract service.

Aug. 11: W35 (100 Vassar St.), 7:56 p.m., Wallet stolen from gym locker.

W35 (100 Vassar St.), 9:21 p.m., Wallet stolen from gym.

Aug. 12: W4 (320 Memorial Dr.), 9:28 a.m., Report of identity theft.

Aug. 15: W89 (291 Vassar St.), 4:07 p.m., Larceny of bicycle.

Aug. 16: NW86 (70 Pacific St.), 4:28 p.m., Report of red 1998 Mustang Convertible stolen from garage.

Aug. 18: W20 (84 Mass. Ave.), 11:58 a.m., Report of larceny of bicycle.

M37 (70 Vassar St.), 1:07 p.m., Larceny from building.

M7 (77 Mass. Ave.), 5:43 p.m., Report of $29 in cash stolen from office area.

E25 (45 Carleton St.), 6:12 p.m., Handbag stolen from office area.

Aug. 19: M4 (128 Rear Memorial Dr.), 10:21 a.m., Report of male in the women’s restroom.

W89 (291 Vassar St.), 11:08 a.m., Fraudulent use of credit card.

Aug. 20: W5 (350 Memorial Dr.), 11:52 a.m., Detectives observe an individual stealing a bike; juvenile arrested for larceny.

W89 (291 Vassar St.), 8:00 p.m., Report of stolen bicycle.

Aug. 21: PDT (97 Bay State Rd.), 6:04 p.m., Breaking and entering; laptop stolen.

Sigma Chi (532 Beacon St.), 8:05 p.m., Breaking and entering; laptop stolen.

Aug. 22: W61 (450 Memorial Dr.), 11:49 a.m., Larceny from debit bank account.

W89 (291 Vassar St.), 5:59 p.m., Theft of bicycle.

Aug. 24: DKE (403 Memorial Dr.), 4:00 p.m., Larceny of laptop.

M32 (32 Vassar St.), 9:38 p.m., Malicious destruction; attempted theft of scooter.