Daily Confusion

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


08:00—Next House—Weary Waffles (Next Dining): Tired of REX yet? If not, come to Next Dining and grab some breakfast before another busy day — more fresh waffles!

08:00—Burton Conner—They’re magically delicious.


09:00—New House—Waffle Breakfast: Drop by and start your day off with a delicious waffle breakfast, complete with your favorite toppings.

09:00—Baker House—Breakfast @ Baker — If you need any more convincing as to why Baker House is the best, most social, and friendliest dorm, stop by once again for a fabulous breakfast!


10:00—Next House—Memorial Drive Marathon (Meet outside Next entrance): Everyone knows that Next House is one of the farthest dorms from campus … learn how to make the trek FUN! Bring a few friends or spontaneously aggregate into teams for a Dorm Row scavenger hunt.

10:00—MacGregor—Stop by for a brunch. Still haven’t met us (or just hungry)? Stop by for made-to-order omelettes, waffles, fruit, and other delicious breakfast foods. This important MacGregor tradition will give you a chance to fill your belly and get any questions answered.

10:00—Ashdown House—After an exciting weekend, enjoy a warm breakfast freshly cooked on our grills. Bacon, pancakes, we have it all.


11:17—Random Hall—Dance — You are invited to a social gathering on the roofdeck of Random Hall. Learn how to rumba, salsa, waltz, foxtrot, and who knows what else.


12:00—Senior Haus—BACON HUGE LATE LAZY BREAKFAST make dirty shapes with the pancake batter. pajamas only. also: BACON eggs BACON BACON coffee BACON juice BACON bacon BACON.

12:00—Burton Conner—Nothing replaces homemade cooking. Come check out our awesome kitchens, and learn how to cook for yourself now that you’re living on your own. Or, just wait for the free food at the end. Whatever works.

12:17—Random Hall—Have you found what we’re looking for? Look around you. Just, look around you. Have you found what we’re looking for? That’s right, “Random Hall.”

12:21—La Maison Française—J’ai bu un bien bon verre de bien bon vin blanc vieux.

12:33—EAsT camPUS—WILL IT BLEND? He’s waluigi, not the mad retard!!!


13:47—Random Hall—Carrie’s Birthday — May the candles on your cake/ Burn like cities in your wake/ On your birthday … / Happy birthday


14:00—Senior Haus—LEARN TO TIRESWING donate blood to the tree.

14:00—Burton Conner—finger? zephyr? lpq? lpr? Come learn wtf it all means. You may not have any idea what we’re talking about, but trust us, 3 weeks from now, you’ll be so glad you came.

14:02—La Maison Française—Je peux avoir cheezburger? Come enjoy the best (worst?) the internet has to offer and make your own lolcats à La Maison Française.

14:17—Random Hall—Cookies and Smut — Oh … My … God! Be a good wench and help us play our new and improved Viking Bingo with our resident collection of cheap and horriblehorriblehorrible romance novels. Come, eat cookies, and explore the depths of Thor’s toenails!

14:22—EAsT camPUS—If your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, they’re no friends of mine.


15:00—EAsT camPUS—If anyone needs us we’ll be in the ANGRYDOME

15:17—Random Hall—Cruft Building — One person’s junk computer is another person’s tools for artistic expression.

15:35—EAsT camPUS—Cockrockets fly 3 stories high!


16:17—Random Hall—Even More LN2 Ice Cream — Liquid nitrogen is cold. So is ice cream. Coincidence?


17:00—Senior Haus—THE GAME you just lost it.

17:00—Burton Conner—Homesick yet? We’ve got all the comforts of home right here: grilled cheese, chicken noodle soup, pb&j …


18:30—EAsT camPUS—Don’t go camping and come give us high fives instead


19:20—EAsT camPUS—Come find out what’s in Mario’s sekkrit Rush diary. He wasn’t even in a concentration camp.

19:30—EAsT camPUS—Actually, there’s nothing happening at this time, but you can come chill out and be laid back with us, bro.


21:09—EAsT camPUS—We’re sure you millenials like ROFLCOPTERS, so we have some nonsensical insults for you instead.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


08:30—EAsT camPUS—Don’t stop believin’, hold on to that feelin’