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Dear AskaTA,

I don’t get entropy. How is it that entropy in information theory seems completely different than entropy in thermodynamics? What’s up with this?



Dear Shana,

Entropy is a lot like me, Random. So the best way to understand entropy is to do random things. How about instead of the stroll to class through the infinite, try walking outside singing at the top of your lungs to the new Britney CD or giving out some high fives to your professors after lecture. That’ll keep them guessing. Try your own random thing like in the middle of class, get up and yell, “Why is he/she saying this, What is going on?” and then just walk out. Now you will produce the entropy that you wish to understand. If anyone looks at you weird, just tell them, “Hey I created entropy today, what did YOU do?”

­—TA Ramya Sankar G

Dear Shana,

I have office hours Tues. 5-7 rm. 2-342. Come by if you want to know the real answer.

—TA Dave Shirokoff G

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