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Figuring Out Fashion

A Valentine’s Day New Look!

It’s Valentine’s Day! People are in love, chocolate boxes line the streets, and all you see is pink and red (not that we’re complaining). Yet, it isn’t all fun and games. For many of us not so caught up in the rush, this is a dreaded time filled with forced reflection on both single-hood and the dreary rut of longtime couple-dom. So how can we here at Figuring out Fashion be of any help? Well, there’s really only one way to cure the V-day blues — a makeover! After doing some exploring, we came up with an affordable plan to reinvent your look and spirit this weekend.

The first thing to tackle is the task of getting newer, better, and cuter clothes. We found one thing we liked right away — sales! This is the best time for prices on winter clothes, and since it’s still freezing outside, why not take advantage of it? Spring is closing in on us too, so remember to stock up on discounted winter short sleeves that went unsold during the season. Try the Cambridgeside Galleria, the Prudential Center, Downtown Crossing, and Newbury Street for some splurging. And please don’t claim that shopping is a waste of time: it’s totally multitasking (shopping burns 160 calories per hour for a 150 pound person and even more if you try on clothes). Go ahead and choose whatever stores suit your price range and personal style, but those looking to revitalize their wardrobe need to branch out. Hangers do no good for clothes, and sometimes a piece that looks awful on the rack will look great when you try it on. Since trying on clothes is free, go ahead and explore as many looks as you can.

For accessories, girls should head to So Good jewelry. The selection is endless and prices are very reasonable. Cute purses and accessories such as clutches, belts, long necklaces, and earrings can be found at Aldo Accessories and Wet Seal. If you have some patience, try digging through accessory racks at Filene’s Basement and Marshalls because there are definitely many high-end brand bargains for both guys and girls. Another place that sells everything cute for low prices is of course Target, and access is surprisingly easy. Take the red line to the Andrew T stop and walk over the bridge or take the available shuttle.

Now that you got your physical appearance taken care of, you need to worry about your health and wellness. What’s the point of having new clothes if you don’t have the confidence and glowing features to pull them off? Look in coupon books for massages, salon treatments, haircuts, and nail care. Go out to the spa and treat yourself! Both guys and girls should definitely venture out to Sephora, where we got our makeup done by the attendants and sprayed ourselves with perfume and cologne. Don’t forget to exercise too; There are free regular swimming and PE classes, as well as the rest of the Z-Center for you to use.

Once you have a new outfit and have taken care of yourself, it’s time to go out and have some fun. Check your coupon books for discounts at nice restaurants and then head to Ryles for jazz and salsa (18 and 19+ depending on the night). Going to a museum, like the Boston Museum of Science or the Museum of Fine Arts (which are both free) is also something fun to do. A classic outing can be to the movies, a concert, a sports game, or even bowling. Let’s face it; if you’re like us, anything is more exciting than the usual Friday night of a movie and maybe some Guitar Hero (if you’re lucky). You can always meet a potential boyfriend/girlfriend while you are out having fun, but if you coop yourself up in your room, you’ll never have a chance to meet that special someone.

We hope this gives you all the tools and inspiration you need to get out there and make a change for the better — it sure helped us!

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