MIT’s Changing Face

MIT’s Changing Face

MIT saw the completion of a number of construction projects in 2007.

The new PDSI physics building, which unifies the department’s offices, was completed after two years of construction. The building came in at $50 million over budget.

A $3 million overhaul of the MIT Museum was also completed, adding a new facade to the aging museum.

By year’s end, plans for more projects emerged, such as a full renovation of W1 (the current Ashdown House) in preparation for an undergraduate residence in the fall of 2010.

Additionally, a $100 million donation from David H. Koch ’62 helped advance plans for a cancer research center.

In November, MIT announced that the 10-250 lecture hall would be closed from January 2008 through the spring semester for a complete renovation. In the fall, 10-250 will have new seating, carpeting, lighting, and climate control, along with cameras for OpenCourseWare recordings.

Construction work continued on the Media Lab Expansion and on the new Ashdown House (NW35).