Letters to the Editor

MIT Does Not Need a Chaplain

I was dismayed to read that MIT has decided, after a hundred years without, that it needs a chaplain.

MIT is about science and engineering and mathematics. There is no place for belief in those disciplines, only doubt — we accept evidence but constantly test it.

Our students, especially the ones from America, have grown up in cultures saturated with religiosity. We should give them a little break from it while they’re here.

MIT needs religion like a bull needs mammaries.

W20 Expansion Could Solve Student Group Space Problem

Your article “ASA Allocates Student Group Space, Chooses Rooms for More Review” (Dec. 11, 2007) mentioned the possibility of providing more space for student activities by renovating Walker Memorial but did not mention the option of expanding the Stratton Student Center, which would cost around $100 million.

The Tech has previously covered such a plan (“Inauguration Ceremony Today: Extension to Student Center a Possibility,” May 6, 2005; “Proposal Calls for Change, Addition to Space in W20,” June 16, 2006). Further information on it is available at http://diz.mit.edu/.