Institute Wisdom Watch

W1 (currently Ashdown House) will be fully renovated before it is opened to undergraduates in fall 2010. — thumbs up

“Full renovation” may mean “destroying kitchens.” And nobody seems to know who’s paying for this. — thumbs down

Next House residents may enter the Housing Readjustment Lottery in fall 2008. What about McCormick Hall residents? — thumbs up

DAPER will once again charge a $40 Z-Center access fee next summer. Hey, at least it’s not closed. — thumbs down

10-250 renovations to begin in January as part of MIT’s “Project 2000.” Now what about 26-100? — thumbs up

Muhammad Yunus selected as 2008 Commencement speaker. Message: MIT has a social conscience, not just an excess of ex-presidents. — thumbs up