Campus Life

Cipher in My Cereal

This morning, a mysterious letter appeared in the mailbox of our friend Bill B. Rogers. By the looks of the fancy letterhead, watermarked paper, and wax-sealed envelope, the message in the letter is important. However, the letter itself makes no sense. Below is a copy of the text — who is our friend, and can you help him decipher his letter?

(The vernacular of Apis mellifera is where you start.) (In the year you lost Boston Tech, an April baby destined to be Atticus gave you his third letter,) (but it lasted until the only month not named in the Bible.) (+ (cadr her) (cadr brain))

(What does white mean in magic? I would take its head.) (And which one is the mountains? Take its head again.) (It rises and falls for Henry Longfellow, but get rid of the tea.)

Solution in Friday’s issue.