DiFava, Amster to Head Facilities

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MIT Police Chief John DiFava has been promoted to the head of the Operations and Security division of the Department of Facilities. Facilities was split into two divisions, which also includes Capital Projects and Strategic Planning, on Nov. 5.
Eric D. Schmiedl—Tech File Photo

The Department of Facilities has separated into two divisions: Operations and Security, headed by MIT Police Chief John DiFava, and Capital Projects and Strategic Planning, headed by newcomer Richard Amster Jr. This separation was effective Nov. 5.

“We have a broad range of activities in the facilities department,” Executive Vice President Theresa M. Stone SM ’76 said. The department naturally clusters into either operations and maintenance or planning and building, and it was Stone’s vision to formalize these natural groupings.

Currently, the new Operations and Security division includes utilities, operations, and business resources, while the new Capital Projects and Strategic Planning division includes campus planning and designing, project management, and engineering.

DiFava, chief of the MIT Police and director of security and campus police services, gained additional responsibilities as the head of Operations and Security. His new office resides in the Department of Facilities.

Stone chose Amster to the head of Capital Projects and Strategic Planning position. “[Amster] has 20 years of experience at Turner Construction, which is one of the most respected firms here in Boston,” Stone said.

“Amster is thrilled to be here and is looking forward to working with the MIT community in supporting the mission of the Institute,” Susan E. Crowley, Amster’s administrative assistant said.

James H. Wallace, who served as interim chief of Facilities since last June, now works under DiFava in the service component as the chief point of contact for Facilities. There are no other changes to Facilities.

Stone said that the two divisions will maintain active communication despite the formal separation. “[DiFava and Amster] are going to work beautifully together,” Stone said.

DiFava was unavailable for comment. Amster declined to comment, stating that he wanted a full perspective on the office before making any statements.