UMOC Donations as of Monday, Oct. 29

UMOC Donations as of Monday, Oct. 29

Source: Iolanthe K. Chronis ’08, UMOC CoorDINATOR

Voting for UMOC takes place this week in Lobby 10.

MIT community members may vote by placing money in the jars of their favorite cadidate’s jars.

Candidate Charity Total
Miriam A. “Mish” Madsen ’09

Condom Needler

“If you don’t vote for me, I’ll sabotage your contraceptives”

Doctors Without Borders $17.85
Those Damn Spammers

All the participants of the most recent series of campus-wide flame-wars.

“Helping developing countries learn everything there is to know about Vlad the Impaler”

One Laptop Per Child $11.61
Adalberto “Nicolas” N. Garza ’10

“Pro-Abortion. Because Life and Choice are both wrong.”

Planned Parenthood $7.47
Jasmine R. Florentine ’11

MIT Dead Kitten Society

“Cute things are tasty!”

Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals $7.01
Evelyn M. Mervine G

Co-President of MIT Atheists, Agnostics, and Humanists

“No Hell Below Us, Above Us Only Sky”

James Randi Educational Foundation $6.78
Christalee R. Bieber ’07 “Talia Winters”

High Priestess of the Campus Crusade for Cthulhu

“Sinfully Tentacular”

Transition House for Women $5.80
Natalia N. Chernenko ’08

Pagan/Witch — President of the Pagan Students Group

“Do not vote for me.”

Charles River Watershed Association $2.17